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Mama ?
Yes Lacuna ?
Are the omens favourable Mama ?
To which omens do you allude child ?
Why Mama the omens of war !!
All of the village women say that there will be war
And what would those silly geese know child ?
War is not women's business;
Men are born to wage war~
We are destined to wait at home for their return
To either bask in their victory or tend the wounds of the defeated
Here is the Druid Mama ! Let us consult his wisdom
Very well child
Offer this golden brooch and bid him enter
Tell cook to prepare a collation for our honoured guest
And broach the firkin of new Yewberry Ale
Yes Mama
Great Seer of Truth we beseech thee to vouchsafe us
Thy holy knowledge concerning the war in the land far to the East
Hast thou secret intimations of this conflict ?
Thank you for your kind words my lady
I must say this Ale is terrific
Yes just a smidgin more !
I have my chariot so must be careful
As it happens I do have intelligence regarding these matters
My companion birds brought me news this very morn
Great changes are afoot in the region of the Dark Sea
Armies assemble and disappear like ghosts
Streets are empty and the temples closed
A great dog has been seen and a child was born with teeth
These are strange omens indeed Master of Wisdom !
How should we protect ourselves ?
Supplicate daily Madame
Ensure your chimneys are covered
Lest the rays of the Dog Star ascending
Fall inside your dwelling and foster wrongness
It shall be so Master !
Now please accept these seven talents
If you wish to satisfy your corporeal needs
My servants and daughter are at your disposal
Mama !
Shut it ****
Belvedere in five
Yes Mama
I obey


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