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It's three months before my AS Exams (Physics AQA, Maths Mechanics and Further Maths Edexcel, Chemistry OCR A) and I had revised in general, but only now had I properly written out a plan.
My plan is to take three subject slots per day, with each thing to revise done in a pattern. So Monday I do Physics Unit 1, Statistics (part of Further Maths) and Core Maths, Unit 1; on Tuesday I do Physics Unit 2, Decision and Core Maths Unit 2; and so on. Whereas in total I do Physics, Core Maths and Chemistry Units 1 and 2; and one unit each for Mechanics, Statistics, Decision and Further Pure Maths.
At GCSE, I revised each subject lightly at the start of the year and gradually built it up over time, revising each one regularly. I'm basing my current revision on this. I eventually got 4 A*s at GCSE (Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Eng Lit) and only one bad grade: a D in Economics (which everyone flopped).
I could use your advice on how to catch up considering that I didn't draw up an official plan immediately, and if you could point out any flaws in my plan, this would help. Thank you SO MUCH!

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