Eglish persuasive/dissucrsive opening and examples.

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So I'm working on my persuasive/discursive piece for my English folio and I'm basically out of ideas/inspiration.

"Breaking News- Something is Rotten in the State of British Journalism"

“Never believe anything until it is officially denied”; Claud Cockburn’s statement, although highly controversial, still resonates through every aspect of society today. Throughout the past decade, the media- with the help of those select few in power- have reported an array of topics and events with highly excruciating detail to the point where Orwell’s description of “Words falling upon facts like soft snow, blurring their outlines and covering up all the details” implies to the fundamental fails and flops of modern day journalism; the prime example being the highly covered yet deceitful Iraq war. One glance at the misleading and overly emotional word choice used by major news corporations point to the influence they have on an individual’s thinking and mind-set. And so with the pitiful state of our media and the disheartening, discouraging, disgusting censorship prevailing in our society, this is a calling for free thinking individuals to understand and distinguish fact from opinion and not to believe every-single-little-thing because, despite being taught otherwise, Britain’s press is not “free”.


I don't know what to make my focus exactly so would love it if you can help me in regarding giving me ideas/examples and criticizing the introduction.

From the introduction and the title; what do you make the essay to be about?

I was thinking of structuring it like this;

1. Rupert Murdoch/ phone hacking/ examples of journalism fails etc

1- Explain why our press/journalism is biased/show evidence/ give examples

3. Daily mail/ pointless journalism / Britain's obsession with celebrity life

4. Counter argument - Our journalism/press is reletively free compared to other countries; but we should use this well and not abuse it.

5. Conclusion

This is how I was thinking of it but please feel free to share what you think would be better/ more convincing.
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