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I've just been reading about the daily life of a Cambridge Med student and was really surprised or even shocked by the amount of work they seem to be putting in. Does anyone know if life at UCL going to be as tough???

Example 1

A week in the life of a medic

Ok so I didn't get all my work done so hear goes:
Links for the timetables of a medic:
If you want to use this timetable just click on any dates for any week, and stick to any set that you want. Don't change sets and you can get a general overview of what a medics week is like. Heres my average week:

Monday: Wake up at 9ish. Generally am still feeling exhausted and a few other things from being at Fez and formal the night before. Dissection at 10am until 12. Have a biochemistry/MiMs lecture from 12-1. Normally go back to have lunch in college and then either do work in the library or else have a physiology practical from 2-4pm. Do more work and have lunch at hall at 6pm. Run to my biochemistry supervision from 7-8 and then go back to my room to finish my physiology work for my supervision the next day.

Tuesday: Biochemistry lecture at 9am so am up around 8ish. Lecture is over at 10 and then I go to have a supervision on epidemiology and statistics (pretty boring but have to do it. I used to not have this in Michelmas term so I instead went back and watched House ) After the supervisions I have a physiology lecture at 12 until one. I generally then run to the pitches to play a game of rugby for the college. Game finishes after 4 so I then run/limp back to my room to have a quick shower before my physiology supervision at 5. After supervision I go to hall for dinner at 6. Back in my room for 7 and then do some anatomy. Sometimes I have swaps on Tuesdays so I don't go to hall but go straight back to my room to do work and then meet people on the swap in the bar at 7 then have formal hall at 8pm. Standard Cindies or the bar at 10pm and arrive back in college around 2ish

Wednesday: 9am lecture again. This time its anatomy. Again I normally have a break from 10-12 so I go back to college and often have a nap or do work. Sometimes have Sociology lectures at 12, but most people don't go to those cos you can just blag your way through the exam. Lunch in hall then either histology or applied anatomy from 2-4pm. Come back to college and get stuck into my anatomy preparation for my supervision. Hall at 6pm for dinner and then do more work after. Usually head to the bar around 9ish and then maybe Cindies again if enough people are going. Again arrive back to college after 2

Thursday: 9am lecture on MiMs. I then have a 2 hour gap between 10-12 in which I catch up on sleep or do work for anatomy. Physiology lecture at 12-1pm and then I have lunch. Thursday evenings are sometimes free but the rest of the time I have a biochemistry practical, or a GP visit or biochemistry PBL class. All of these are once a term. I then have dinner in hall and learn my anatomy until my anatomy supervision at 8.30pm-9.30pm. I then leave my books back and go to the bar to relax as my supervisions are done for the week.

Friday: Anatomy lecture at 9am. I then always have a 2hour gap from 10-12 which is spent sleeping or watching TV. Physiology lecture at 12-1pm and then lunch in hall. Last thing of the week is dissection from 2-4pm and then I go back to my room and collapse on the bed. I then go to hall at 6pm or cook myself something. I then usually get started into work for next week. Usually this is 1-3 essays plus the preperation work for each essay. I usually sit up to 12ish doing this or else stop at 9/10pm and go and meet people and see what they are doing.

Saturday: I always lie on at the weekends. So I get up at 12 and then go to hall at 12.15. I then come back and grab my rugby gear and run out to training from 2-4pm. I then come back and do more work until hall at 6pm. After hall I will do more work until around 10ish and then I will go round to my friends room to mess about/have a few drinks until 1-2ish

Sunday: Again have a lie in to 12. Same routine really with hall and rugby training. Then come back and do work and either go to hall or continue on working until I am going to formal. After formal I either go to the comedy show or else have pre-drinks then head out to Fez. I then get home at about 2-3ish.

Example 2

What does your working week/day entail?
A typical Monday to Friday week contains around 10 hours of lectures, 10 hours of practical classes and 2 supervisions (and perhaps the odd Saturday supervision). Essays are set in these supervisions and our supervisors also help our understanding of the course material. Subjects this year are human reproduction, neuroscience, pathology and pharmacology (anatomy, biochemistry and physiology are covered in the first year).
The day I’ve outlined is what I fondly refer to as “Frantic Friday”, our busiest day of the week (compared to our least busy day, which only consists of one lecture and one practical)!

8:00-9:00: get up, have breakfast, skim over notes, walk to lecture theatre (which is a wonderful 5 minutes away, owing to Christ’s handy geographical location in the centre of Cambridge).
9:00-13:00: four lectures, three consecutive ones in the same lecture theatre (buy coffee from café in the foyer).
13:00-14:00: walk back to College, have lunch at Christ’s with the medics, walk to pharmacology department.
14:00-17:00: practical class.
17:00-18:00: supervision or read through the day’s lecture notes and possibly let the college cat into room for a nap.
18:00-18:30: dinner at Christ’s, catching up with friends.
18:30-19:15: practise violin.
19:15-21:30: make notes on lecture material and do reading/plans for essays.
21:30-22:00: gym.
22:00-22:30: more lecture note reading.
22:30-23:00: read some non-medical literature and then bed.

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