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I would like at least 3-5 revision guides for each subject as I am going to start studying soon, I am in year 8 and will start to study for GCSE in year 9, I know many people will say it's very soon but I really want the best out of school as I can as I want to apply to medicine school when I'm older.
So does anyone have good recommendation for the following subjects: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious studies, German, History, Drama and Health&social.
Also if there are any good printouts, past papers with mark scheme etc etc
Thanks for the help! xxx
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Nobody needs 3-5 revision guides per subject. Seriously 1 is enough
The best revision guides will often be those specifically designed for your syllabus since they will use questions adapted from your examiner and matching their question style. You need to know which examiner your school will use for each subject.
The past papers you do should also mostly be those of your examiner, the syllabus varies between examiners and the style of questions can be very different. You will be able to download them from your specific examiners web site.
As you are in year 8 the maths, English language and English literature syllabus you will take will be different from anything currently available and so you can expect new resources to be produced that will match what you study. The specification for the syllabus isn't finalised yet and it will be a while before anything is published for them.

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There is no exam for Health & Social Care (I think)

1 per subject is fine , hell you don't even need any to be honest.
Don't buy a maths revision guide unless you really need it , but buy a workbook & mathswatch CD (or use the app)
For english lit you don't need revision guides either , just read the book you are given and have lots of practice and use websites like sparknotes ,bbc bitesize and schmoop for summary of themes and characters.
For the sciences , yeah I'd probably get a revision guide (as long as you use it!)
For your German , I'd recommend you start learning vocab AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (so now preferably) , I use a website called memrise. Don't buy a revision guide for languages , they just list vocab without any sort of learning strategy.
If you're doing short course R.S , don't bother with a revision guide. If you're doing long course then you might want to get one though.

I've never taken History or Drama so I don't know what to say. Some of my friends take History and none of them have a revision guide as the history teachers practically throw revision notes at them.

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