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Basically, I am wanting to apply for postgraduate study at the University of Leeds in the aforementioned thread title (MA Design) in a research-led capacity. I have the rest of this year left (I am second year undergraduate) and year three, before I have to decide, but I have early aspirations to get into a decent university for postgraduate study.

I am not your typical run-of-the-mill A* student, I did not do great in my GCSE examinations or coursework, nor did I take the traditional 'A-level route' towards higher education. I would rather not discuss this due to the sheer embarrassment and the fact that 'thestudentroom snob mob' will lecture me about how I have no chance of getting into a 'Russell Group' institution. However, I have the determination and ambition to prove people wrong.
I have a long and colorful history, as both a person with experience and personal strife about having tried to achieve in my education.

I am not the stereotypical 'wow' factor student, but I wish to up my game, and essentially achieve higher results as I progress through my penultimate and final years of undergraduate study. I have achieved so far 60/70% in regard to modules and I attend the University of Hull, in a creative subject, and by the way I do not profess to study a 'traditional degree' therefore, I am waiving the idea of having to try and defend myself against someone who professes to be doing a much harder subject than me. It's fair enough that a person that studies Law, the Sciences, or other subject over my subject, I am not trying to be up in my 'Ivory tower' but that doesn't mean to say I don't deserve to be at a research-intensive institution. I have realised that perhaps my point of view may conflict with the traditional academic viewpoint, but still I am prepared to face any criticism.

Anyways.....back to the thread!

Do you guys think it is realistic that someone with average 2:1/1st class degree classifications can apply to the course (as aforementioned in title) with having done a vocational qualification at level 3 in my education? Taking into consideration the fact I would have done moderately well in my degree, passed an interview, and performed well with a research proposal??

Thanks in advance.

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