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Hi, I originally Qualified Architectural Technology BSc Hons.
back in 2006. which i funded my self and received no loans.

I then returned to do BA Hons Architecture graduating in 2013.
For this time i recieved loans but no tuition fees due to an equivalent level qualification. which i understood and i paid my fees.

However 2013-14 i returned to do my MA Architecture, to which i was awarded tuition fees and had them paid to the university on two instalments of the four. to have them reversed in march. ( as they are arguing a BSc is equivalent to the masters course ) which it isnt. due to the course in there eyes being combined with the BA.

I do not on the face of this earth know how it is possible to associate a BSc to be an equivalent qualification to a MA.

as one is Undergraduate, the other is post graduate.
Clearly another person thought the same and awarded me the tuition fee loan. and now in March it has been reversed and i am left with finding 3,500 pounds.

Clearly this is not right and some form of gross misconduct on many levels.

I would like advice in how to appeal this correctly as the university SFE department has contacted "Head of Student Finance who contacted the HEI Practitioners helpline" who advised the same.

Now i understand that it might be on the system as the same thing to keep the computers running but a BA is not the same as an MA.
it is a different course, and administered as a post graduate course.
not part of the original course.

Please and advice on appealing would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
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Hi Jamie,

I am in a similar situation, although earlier in the process. Having completed BSc Architectural Technology in 2012 and I am now on first year of BA Architecture (with intentions to do MA also).

I did struggle with SFE quite a bit to begin with, the people in the call centre are usually fantastic just their computers and admin unfortunately aren't as good.

Obviously MA Architecture is not the same as BA Architecture, when I applied for finance though I put that the course was 6 years including the year out on placement. You would need a good memory to remember what you filled out on a form several years ago.

Personally I am not aware of tuition fee loans being provided for usual masters degrees but not sure how this works with Architecture. Are the other students on your course receiving tuition fee loans? If so it does seem very unfair!

I have not complained through the complaints procedure before, but have written to my MP and things got sorted pretty sharpish.
As SFE comes under a government department you can get your MP directly involved and speak to them on your behalf, they seem to care a bit more then.

Hope it gets sorted.
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi JamieVB,

We are sorry to hear about the experience you have had with your Tuition Fees being re-assessed.

We recommend you call us on 0845 073 8908 so we can review your Tuition Fee entitlement. If you are not fully satisfied after speaking to one of our advisors, they can register a complaint for you.


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