Which university / course should I pick for better job prospects? Please help!!

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I have offers from LSE, UCl and Nottingham to do philosophy and Economics and offer from Warwick to do PPE. To be completely honest, I only applied for PPE/ PE because I thought it would get me into these top unis (which it did) rather than apply for straight Economics which I know is a lot more competitive. However, my GCSES are 9 A* 3 A and my a level subjects are Economics, maths, further maths and english literature. If I get 3/4 A*s in my a levels (exams are in a may) do you think I should convince the unis to let me switch to Economics or take a gap year and re apply. I think Nottingham / UCL might let me switch but LSE/ Warwick would probably not, especially LSE. I really want to get into Investment banking and people tell me that the "philosophy" part of my degree is useless. Please give me advice on this. Also, I am planning to firm LSE and insurance UCL. Do you think this is a good choice? Also, what are my job prospects like? I know it depends on other things like work experience etc but this is my future so I want to be sure that I am making the right decision.

Any advice/ opinions are much appreciated.

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