Best Development/International Development programs in the UK Watch

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I'm a Bolivian/American student looking to get into the Development field. I want to work in a developing country after getting my Masters. I have applied for several programs, those which I thought fit what I want to get out of a master's program.

As decision time comes, I find myself confused and lost in regards to the best program :confused:. Universities are ranked differently everywhere I look. I do not know if anyone has any inputs on the universities or their development programs specifically. I've seen so much posted on their other programs (like economics and politics) but no much on the development.

Unconditional offers:
U of Bath - MSc Intl Development
U of Warwick - MA Intl Development
U of Bristol - MSc Intl Development
KCL - MSc Emerging Economies & Inclusive Dev
KCL - Emerging Economies & Intl Development
KCL - MSc Latin American Development
KCL - MSc Environment & Development

Decision pending:
U of Birmingham - MSc Intl Development
U of Edinburgh - MSc Intl Development

Any input is much appreciated.

Thank you!
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I need some metrics. Profile, any development related Work exp, prof goals, thematic areas of interests and region.

The rankings vary due to shifting criterion. An uni's development MSc may be strong in area A, but does not cover C at all.

Your target unis are kinda interesting, but shifting areas of interests and syllabi. is your regional focus South America?
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Hi Tcannon! Thank you for your response.

I have not worked in the Intl Development field - just volunteered (done in Bolivia and Guatemala). This is how I decided I wanted to work in the field. So I quit corporate world and started working in the nonprofit sector in order to gain some experience in programs. Any job posting I found for Intl Development required either a master degree or 10-15 years of experience. So I decided to pursue my masters so that, hopefully, I can get in the field.

After graduating I would like to either go back to Bolivia (I've been in the States for 10 years) or work in another developing nation. I do love working in programs and would pursue that in an intl development/humanitarian organization.

Many of the programs in the unis above do allow you to concentrate part of your studies on a region, so yes, I would chose Latin America. I'm really interested in focusing on poverty and inequality within development.

I hope this helps! I do appreciate your willingness to provide some advice

PS I received an unconditional offer from Edinburgh this morning

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