Renting student flat.. How strict on pets and how often are there flat inspections?

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Hey guys! I'm after some feedback from others who have had pets in privately rented student flats (or have lived/living in student flats with or without pets), NOT halls (but feel free to share these experiences too), and if you have got away with it or not?

I am moving out of halls in a few months and into a proper flat for a year with a student letting agency, and over the summer I am planning on getting two fancy rats. I know the contract says no pets etc., but I just wondered if anyone has done this before with small pets and got away with it? I have no idea how often (if at all) they do flat inspections in these sort of flats as I've never rented before but I could potentially manage to bring them back home for a night if they were to plan a flat inspection. In the contract it doesn't specifically mention anything about inspections, only about letting prospective tenants and such to view the flat or for maintenance by workman. I know my future flat mates have no problem with me keeping rats and they would be staying in my bedroom.

I know a lot of people disagree with keeping pets whilst at university as it takes time and effort to keep them but I have thoroughly planned this and have experience with looking after animals, and I also don't have much of a social life and could really do with the company too. This is my last hurdle to overcome and would appreciate any feedback from anyone with experiences of this or something similar.

So my question is TSR, even if you haven't kept pets in rented flats/houses, how often do the landlords or (student) agencies carry out inspections (if at all) and does this include your room or not?

Thanks in advance!
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Id imagine most would be fine with goldfish, or a hamster, but it depends from landlord to landlord.

And we sorta "adopted" a cat for a bit (Landlord didn't know) I guess they'd know if there's an issue with your flat/house which I can almost guarantee there will be

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