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I've narrowed it down to these two unis for my firm choice but I'm really struggling to decide which one to firm. Having visited both, I have to say I liked the look of Leeds more - large city campus, mixture of modern and red-brick buildings, city on the doorstep, modern accomodation etc. but having said that I do particularly like the scenery around Norwich and the 'peaceful' atmosphere it has.

The course at Leeds is the straight-forward LLB Law course, with the opportunity to take an optional year abroad on a competitive basis - something that interests me greatly.
The course at UEA is the LLB Law with American Law course, which follows the regular LLB course structure with additional modules of American Law on top, and the guaranteed opportunity to spend the third year in the US.

I've compared both on unistats numerous times and the results seems to favour UEA more than Leeds with regard to student satisfaction, accomodation, employability etc. I always thought with Leeds being a well known city-based university, these statistics would be higher but apparently not. Not to mention the fact it is a member of the Russell Group which I've heard gives you a better chance of gaining a TC or pupilage from leading law firms due to its reputation.

I'm really stuck between the two, lecturers and teaching staff at UEA seem to have a more personal and supportive relationship with their students, which is something that appeals to me more. However, upon attending the post-applicant open day at Leeds I got talking to a few of the staff and students and found them to be really friendly and approachable. Norwich is about 6 hours away from home, compared to Leeds which is about 1 1/2 hours which is another thing i'm taking into consideration, and the fact that accommodation at UEA seems to be stuck in the 60s, which is a bit off-putting.

I'm just wanting to know your personal experience at these unis and which one you would be more likely to recommend, as I said I'm really stuck between choosing which one to firm. Thanks in advance

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