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Hi I have my G.C.S.E biology ISA tomorrow and the class was given a sheet for help during the exam, it's and official document called candidate research notes and on the back it has some sections that we can fill in to help us with the 2 exams we have to do on the isa which include the hypothesis which I know is: the higher the wind speed (the closer the distance between the fan and the boiling tube) the faster the rate of evaporation (the faster the cooling temperature of the boiling tube) next we have to write a method but i have no idea how to then equipment and risk assessment issues, so can somebody please help me because the test is tomorrow and i have literally no idea what I'm going to do, and are we allowed to bring in the source sheets or are they not allowed in this controlled assessment? thanks
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you need to look for a method to use, you can find some on google. After you have found one, write down the equipment used and any measurements, then write down the method in your method box. Sometimes the methods online might not have risk assessments with them so try to think of some, such as ' the fan can cause electrocution if you touch it with wet hands.' State the risk, what it will do and how to prevent it from happening. You need to know the variables and how you will keep the test fair, make sure you know how to draw the table as well. You're allowed to bring in the candidate research notes. Hope this helps, if you need any more help then just pm me

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