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I don't know where to start. What's I need a hypothesis involving making biodiesel. We're supposed to explore different starting points and methods for making biofuel. I don't know where to start

Here's the task brief if you wanna have a look
Task 1: Identify and define a research topic and produce a clearly defined research aim or testable hypothesis

Before undertaking this assignment you should conduct the following preliminary work:

· Research a topic of your course that interests you selected from a list of topic areas.
· Research the techniques used and the science concepts applied.
· Refer to previous / related work on your area of interest linking probable outcomes to relevant theories or previous work.
· Use a variety of primary and secondary sources.
· Assess reliability of sources and reference correctly.
· Develop a clearly stated research aim and /or testable hypothesis
· Start a reflective log /dairy of the whole process (You will each be handed out a book to do this in at the start of the project).

Task 2: Plan and design a research project
You need to develop a detailed plan that must include the following:

  • Give an informative title for your investigation.

· Develop a research aim. In your aim section state your objectives by clearly stating the problem or your research question. Include background information and research about your topic. Remember to include research about possible methods that can be used to investigate the topic, the science concepts applied and how your problem is relevant to your chosen field.

· Develop a testable hypothesis that is directly related to problem/research question. Puts forward a tentative prediction (theory) scientifically explained about what you think will happen in the experiment based on initial evidence. Key variables are selected.

· Develop a detailed plan (method) of how you are going to carry out your investigation based on clear objectives which addresses all relevant tasks including:

· a timescale for project and prioritises research tasks to be investigated (under essential and time permitting)

· provision of a full list of appropriate (and available) equipment and materials. Give scientific diagrams of assembled apparatus.

  • Clearly explain with justification how your plan allows for the control of variables, accuracy and reliability and the collection of enough, relevant data for your objectives to be met.

· State anticipated method of data collection and analysis

· Consider then state health and safety precautions, then carry out and complete a full risk assessment for the work.

· Keep a reflective log / diary of the whole process.
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Hi there,

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