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I have a problem question and I'm a little confused on one of the points, can anyone help me out?

- Basically there is a contract between A and B for A to drive on B's land.
- After a while the land is difficult to drive on.
- B makes a promise to lay some tarmac on the ground so that the land is drivable again.
- Excited at the prospect of the tarmac, A builds a garage facing B's land
where the tarmac will be laid.
- Advise A on enforceability of B's promise

I am unsure whether the promise is enforceable under estoppel (as A relied upon this promise, and built a garage which cost him money = detriment). [Crabb v Arun // Combe v Combe].

Or whether there would be a term implied by fact that B would have to keep the land in good condition so that A can actually drive across it. Otherwise, if it's in bad condition, A can't drive on it, therefore the contract loses business efficacy? [Moorcock].

Could it come under either of them? Would it be worth stating in the advice that it could potentially be either, then stating the remedies for each?
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