Want to make something of myself but I'm too introverted for most jobs

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Ok so I'm nearly 29 and haven't decided in a career yet I think time is running out. I'm working in a 0 hour contract job as a nurse assistant at the moment and I like the freedom of 0hours tbh. I qualified as a nurse ( in psychiatry) but don't want to work as a qualified I enjoy working as an assistant. It sounds weird if I tell people I want to stay as an assistant so I just always say I'm looking for jobs. The only thing that really interests me is health and fitness/keeping fit so I've been looking at careers in this area. The problem is I'm extremely quiet and introverted so I'm too embarrassed to do anything like leading fitness groups I can't even should lol I talk very quietly. I think I'd even be too embarrassed to be a personal trainer as you have to advertise yourself etc, I know it's lame but that's how I am. I enjoy reading about health and fitness studies/looking up research and how fitness improves health.. that type of thing.

I guess I just want advice/ideas in jobs that might suit me or someone extremely introverted, in the health or fitness industry.
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I've been in a similar position. I got very good grades at school and everybody pushed me towards 'aspirational' type careers but my instinct was always towards 'assistant' or 'support' type jobs. For example I qualified as a teacher but just found myself longing to be the teaching assistant. Then when I left teaching all my instincts led me towards admin jobs which only horrified people further! But I've since come to the conclusion that I am just somebody who is happy following instructions and doesn't like to lead. Even though it's some people's nightmare to sit quietly doing admin all day and taking instructions from somebody, it's actually heaven for me. I have even come out of my shell a lot, i.e. in the process of my job I have to use the phone a lot in front of other people, when I first started I literally couldn't do it and would wait until the others in the office were on the phone to use the phone, but now (even though it's still my least favourite task) I can pick up a phone and it's not a big deal. Obviously if you want more money a career change might be necessary, but if you only want to leave assistant work because you feel like you 'should' be doing something better, don't let people tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. If you know what you enjoy doing and it makes you happy then do it. Unfortunately as for health and fitness I can't think of any careers that aren't personal trainer or instructor but maybe somebody else will be able to help! Perhaps since you are on a 0 hours it is something you could investigate on the side without too much commitment?
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Did either of you find jobs in the end?

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