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I live in uk. I'm a muslim girl,Well ii wouldnt say proper,ones where u wear hijab etc. Western type girl.But my family are quiter religious. Pray,hijab and all that. Made mistakes in past which i regret.Apologized to family. I was married but went through domestic violence,have a son whose 3. Separated with his father. hes stopped seeing his son. I moved to families, used to talk to a guy,obviously family didnt like it. My son was 5months maybe. My dad/brother abused me infront of my son. 1) my faultt this happened,my parents or both? ....So i moved out with my son. I met a white guy whose been helping me since. When i left,i lost contact with family till a month later. Mum told me to.move back. So i did, got my own place and everythin thinking they'll change. Been with bf for 2years and hes helped me with my son,help me pay bills etc. My bf is non religious but i am a muslim. I wouldnt have gone down that route but was on ma own with a kid in an unfamiliar area. i didnt no what to do. Anyways moved nearer to mums,been over 2years now, was okay at first... but now its like i go with my son round there, but my little brothers call my son names, or my parents be horrible to me. Should i just take it all and ignore it or do somethin about it?.. not fair on my son. We moved from one place to another, just want him settled and happy. But if i loose ties with family,i'll end up missing them.. really dont no what to do?..
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