Do you believe in selective memory/hearing?

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My father keeps on telling me that I remember what I want to which makes no sense as rape victims don't choose to remember being raped...

How can I choose to remember something? If I could I would choose to forget so many things...

It's the same with being told I hear what I want to hear, that makes no sense to me, how can you choose to hear something?
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You're thinking about it too seriously. People say you have selective hearing/memory when you only pick up on certain themes...usually ones which benefit you or interest you, but dont notice ones you might find inconvenient.
For example, my partner is terrible at remembering stuff. He constantly double books our time, he never remembers appointments and he never remembers tasks Ive set him. But he's a car fanatic and he can remember tiny details about the most random cars. He remembers company makes, serial numbers etc. His excuse is that his brain is so full of car dtuff he doesnt have space for day to day 'trivia'.

Essentially selective memory and hearing is just failing to pay any attention to anything that doesnt interest you. Rape victims etc are scarred by their experiences, in many cases (ignoring traumatic memory loss) the memory is imprinted on their brain causing flashbacks etc. Its not about actively choosing to forget something, selective memory is failing to acknowledge it in the first place.

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