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I'm new here so please excuse me if this question is being asked in the wrong thread!

Basically, I've opted to study the causes of the French Revolution with the essay title:

Within the context of the period 1661 to 1789, to what extent was the outbreak of revolution in France in 1789 the result of long-term political factors?

I've spent the last few weeks reading William Doyle, Francois Furet & Lefebvre etc, so I have an OK grasp of the period. I'm going to argue that Political factors were the most important cause of Revolution.

I need some points to argue, so I was going to look at:

1. The decline of absolutism (How Louis XIV consolidated power, but his successors dropped the ball.)
2. The relationship between the kings and parlements (Intendants/Venal offices and inability to reform by the 1780s)
3. Foreign policy, war debt and financial crisis (How foreign policy and hunt for glory cripple finances)

Does this sound ok, and could anyone help me expand on this? Is anyone else studying the causes of the Revolution? I've never had to write a 3,500-4,000 word history essay before and am pulling my hair out a bit. I really struggle with essay structure.

Thank you.
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I am also attempting to write an essay on that same question,
wondering if you had any pointers or advice on which route to take as I was going to argue that it wasn't the result of long term political factors.
Also any advice on historiography would be really appreciated or any good books to read that will aid me in this essay.
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Out of curiosity what grade did you get in the end on your coursework?Also can you link me to any resources you used- that would be so helpful! Thank you

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