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I'm in a massive dilemma! I have received two offers from Goldsmiths for the courses I originally wanted to do (I will probably contact them to change one of my joint honours) to study either Anthropology and Media or Anthropology and Sociology. My problem is which university to choose. I have also received offers from University of Bath to study Sociology (with a potential placement year) and University of Manchester to study Social Sciences. However, I am in a HUGE predicament to which university to choose. For ages, I had my 'heart' set on Goldsmiths (hence why I applied twice) I feel drawn to Bath because it is such a great university (statistically anyway) and I did enjoy my time when I visited. However, I love London and have been to London many times and get a great buzz from London, but London does glamourise itself a lot, especially when visiting. It feels like, although Goldsmiths is more creative and more my thing, the extra expense may not be worth it in the long run as Bath is cheaper and more reputable and may have a higher chance of succeeding at a career I may partake in the future. I just really cannot rack my mind to choosing which university to go to.

I adore the city life and feel like a strong social life whilst at university is paramount. London always seems like the place to be, everything happens in London, there is always interesting and intellectually stimulating things to do in London and its so cultural and iconic. The nightlife there will be nothing but amazing (more expensive, but amazing) and things to do during the day (outside of lectures) will be endless .Although Bath (the city) is considerably more quaint and smaller than London and Manchester, I feel like the nightlife may be weak and not a lot going on in the city. It's a gorgeous city, don't get me wrong, but its not 'edgy' enough, I think, for me. However, Bristol is ten minutes away on the train from Bath and thats a city filled with nightlife (although I've never been). London is also only just over and hour away from Bath so ideally I could still have a social aspect in London without the extra cost of living there.

Course wise, I'd have to say Goldsmiths seems more interesting to me (I'd change to joint honours of Sociology and Media) as I'd love to work in the media in the future but Bath offers a stronger, more transferable and prestigious course which I assume puts me in a higher sted for career/future prospects which I guess is one of the main factors why we go to university.

When visiting Goldsmiths and numerous open days/applicant days, I had different views on it. I felt like some of the tutors were a little bit rude and obnoxious which negatively tarnished my experience but I do like the campus and the aesthetics. One tutor was slightly rude and the other was slightly annoying in the way he presented himself and spoke. Bath open day was good although I felt like I still didn't know much about the course and its specifics as I wanted to but the placement year is a definite pull factor to the university. The campus is great and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

I understand visiting London is MUCH different from living in London and I'm worried that I won't like the 'ugly' side of the city if I eventually come across it when living there. I'm in two split minds about this and I don't know where to go with it.

I just don't know!

Is anyone else in a similar situation?

Anyone have any opinions on Goldsmiths/Bath?

Any help will be hugely appreciated!
(Felt a real sense of catharsis writing that, I must admit)

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