Your View on Business Information Technology BSc Degree?

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i like business and IT but i am not tooo interested in the scientific side of computers (system administrator, business analyst etc

what is job prospect good for this degree?
is it in high demand?
it is going to grow in the future?

Should i do Business Informaton Technology, or just study Computing Bsc?

BSc Business Information Technology
Stage 1

100CDE - Professional Skills
110CT – Introduction to Programming
104KM – Enterprise Information Systems
126COM – Business Decision Making
118COM – IT Infrastructure and Service Management
119COM – Current Technologies
On Campus Only: 100CDE Professional Skills (10 credits)

Stage 2

206CDE – Real World Project
204KM – Operational Research
220CT – Data and Information Retrieval
205CDE – Developing the Modern Web 1
246COM – Computer Simulation
290COM – Technology and its Social, Legal and Ethical Context
On Campus Only: 290COM Technology and its Social, Legal and Ethical Context (10 credits) and Stage 2 ACU module (10 credits)

Stage 3

303COM – Individual Project
321COM – Rapid Application Development
304KM – Information Technology and Global Development
386COM – Business Continuity and Compliance
Free Option module from the following
353EM Strategic Management and Leadership in Technology Org389COM Open Source Development
305CDE Modern Web Development 2
303EKM Project Management
On-Campus Only: 303COM (30 credits) and 10-credit stage 3 ACU module or 250EC or 240EC.
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im looking at this course as an option as well, u start from the beginning pretty much, as in, year one is just to settle people in, 95% leave and be straight into a professional job, it really does look promising, and entry level business analyst starts at 30,000, then experienced gets you 65,000, id recommend it, not that ive done it or anything, but for that sort of money, i would do whatever course to get it and i have an interest in computers, did gcse ict, and currently doing 'applied ict' which isnt really beneficial as we've done no programming, but this guarantees a job&id say computers are the future in business so it will inevitably grow

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