Would this be a good History IA Historical Investigation topic? Watch

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Would the question "How did WWII affect films and the film industry" be a good HI topic question, or do you think I'd have to specify?
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Hello! I'm an ex-IB History HL student who got a 7. It's been a while since I've been in History-IA-mode so take this with a pinch of salt.

I think you definitely can be more specific with it though your topic (film) is fine.

Here are some points you may consider:

How many areas you are about to go into when you say "affect"? Are you going to talk about nationalistic propaganda and censorship? Are you going to talk about policies? Monetary profits? Specific events? If so, you could rephrase it to include the factors which will give your IA a better focus. If you're going to go with three factors history-essay style you may want to specify in your intro or even RQ itself?

I'm not sure how the rubrics go now, but I did take a "stand" in my IA (It may not be compulsory, but its easier to show historical argument and concision) and your topic is a little too open for that, so think about where your IA discussion will go and how will you conclude. (this links back to the number of factors you're considering)

Are you limiting it to the time period of films made and shown from 1939-1945? You may want to just add that to your RQ to specify? (It may be redundant but it helps your scope)

How many countries are you going to cover? Will you pick examples or discuss in general for WWII? (Scope again)

I think that you will have a better idea of whether or not you are able to do an IA in 2000 words on the question once you doing your research on the topic. (Not to mention, your word count for evidence is only a fraction of that) Go to a library and read up on the literature available for your topic, as well as historian's books for your OPVL. This will give you a better idea on how to structure your question. Especially if you see how historians structure their discussions.

Just for your reference, for my IA, I compared two motives for intervention in a war and concluded that one was more significant than the other. Even then, I had to carefully select the literature I wanted to include in my evidence. I personally feel that keeping the discussion to two or three factors/areas (preferably two) is better to cover more discussion.

Do check out this thread as well for other help on the IA: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/46-w...investigation/
Also look at this website for IA topics structured in a variety of ways: https://suite.io/geoff-williams/4g3a2jq (don't copy of course)

Lastly, this is my first reply on the forum so I'm open to any constructive criticism by other forum members (especially History people). Just trying to help out here. Hope I was able to provide some clarity.
Do ask if there's anything elseC

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