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I have just firmed Cardiff as my top choice for Law and now just trying to decide what to put as my top choice for accomodation, it's between talybont court and talybont south

Currently I know a lot of people who live in talybont south this year who say it is really social and good for going out and stuff, but also you aren't just restricted to the people in your flat because the whole house and other houses within south tend to socialise and interact together and I have been told that talybont court isn't as good for this side of things, like there isn't as much interaction between different flats and houses and there isn't much interaction between south and court and that it isn't as social in general and a lot quieter, however I prefer the rooms in court, especially the bathrooms :P

So I was just wondering if anyone who lives in talybont court this year could give me an idea of what it is like and their experience of the social side of things? and where other people are putting as their top choice?
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I'm putting Taly South as first choice then either Court or North as second. I like that it's a really social atmosphere and everyone socialises so it should be really easy to make friends and have a good time. I have a friend that goes to South and she said that most nights there are people pre-ing but it normally goes quiet by about 11 which isn't too bad. Given that first year doesn't really count i feel like the social atmosphere is completely worth the lack of sleep, even if Court has nicer rooms!

I hope this helps! I'm so so excited to go to Cardiff haha
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You shouldn't find it hard to make friends initially in Court or South! They're right next door to each other.

The bedrooms in south are smaller, but the en suites are bigger due to it getting a wetroom instead of just a glass shower that court gets.

I personally prefer the kitchens in Talybont Court, they're bigger, have more space, and you get a lounge with a sofa. Unlike south which may have nicer cabinets, and counters in certain flats, but they have barely any space and your only place to sit is the dining table.

Court is far quieter unless you (like me) get flatmates that don't care about the noise they make, and you can hear the parade of drunks emerging from South/North/Gate on a night out.

There are also no Silverfish in court, whereas in South you're bound to get some.

I doubt you'll regret either choice, they're both the best to live in. Gate is a bit secluded, and North has very appalling rooms apparently though they are being renovated in areas.

For the first month or so you'll have a great experience being invited to things in Court, but then people will have made their cliques and you'll be "stuck" with who you got close to at the start. Whereas in South even now as late as March I could be walking to my friend's flat and someone will offer for us to join their pres upstairs (even though we don't know them.)

I'd recommend them as your top 2, whichever you get should be enjoyable, just beware it's a gamble who you'll live with.

TL;DR - Both good choices, Uni is what you make it, can't go wrong with either unless they put you with d*ckheads.

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