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I'm doing a source work based exam paper on Churchill and an essay based examination paper on modern history 1789-1997.

I was just wondering what revisions techniques you use? and how well they have worked for you in the past. I'm one of those people that feels the need to write EVERYTHING down from a textbook but I realise this is not possible anymore due to the massive amount of content compared to GCSE and I'm looking for alternative solutions for this.

Also if anyone is doing the same course as me, do you know of any essay structures? or any source based analysis tips and tricks or websites to have a look on? I'm really struggling with this.

Many thanks!
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In terms of essay revision, one of the main things you should do is make sure you are aware of the historical debates surrounding the different topics. As you probably know, it is impossible to write down every single fact, and you won't be marked on the abundance of facts you know. What you will be marked mostly on is engagement with historiography. If you study in that sense so that you know the historical debate of the issue, then you can learn facts/dates etc... Obviously you need to know some facts, but don't feel like you need to know every single thing. As long as you provide enough so that it is clear what you are talking about, and clear you know what the issue is you're discussing, then you should do fine.

Also a good essay structure technique if you struggle with it is using PEACH - which I learned in school, and will ensure you write a good essay. Basically for every paragraph you have to make a Point, Explain this further, Analyse this factor (i.e to what extent this factor was responsible for... etc whatever the question is asking, by discussing historical debate), (sub)Conclude the paragraph by returning to what the essay is asking, and ensure Historiography is used throughout the paragraph.

It's a fairly basic structure, but if you follow it, it means you have a coherent and highly structures essay.

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