What do you think of my A2 english essay introduction? Improvements?

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Obsessive love can be defined in many ways, but in its simplest form it is the great desire to obtain the unobtainable, obsession is an unhealthy compulsive preoccupation with something or someone. This type of love, can be found surfacing amongst great literature pieces through the ages. I will evaluate these across my three chosen literature pieces; The Great Gatsby, Othello and a few selected poems from Robert Browning collection. The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is set in 1922, where the great American dream is alive and thriving, Gatsby is obsessed with obtaining the love of his life; Daisy. I have also chosen the play Othello because its portrayal of love soon spirals into a tragedy of the great moor who doubts his love; Desdemona. Robert Browning is a Victorian poet from the late nineteenth century, famous for his dramatic monologues. These three texts share key themes in their portrayal of obsessive love including the power dynamics in their obsessive relationship, the unrealistic basis of obsessive love that leads to loss of identity and the destructive nature of such a love that almost always ends in death or tragedy.

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