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I'm trying to find some more work experience partciularly in the large animal section that I can do over summer. So far I have:
1 day lambing
A year in a small animal practice
a week in another small animal practice
a wildlife rescue centre for a week
a week at a city farm
a week at a buffalo farm

I'd be really really grateful for any ideas or advice and if anybody has any contacts in the south of england area I'd be really grateful as i am sturggling.
Little Tail Chaser
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What you've done so far is great and nicely varied. I agree that you could do with some more large animal work, though. I'd suggest one or two weeks at a large animal vet (i.e. equine or farm), a couple of weeks at a stable, work at another commercial farm (presumably the buffalo work was dairy, if not then get some dairy work and if it was then maybe aim for pigs or poultry) and then a week or two at a kennel or cattery. That way you will have covered all the essentials while still having some of the wackier placements (not many people do buffaloes! Was it Laverstoke by any chance? )

Anyway, the South of England is a big place! I know of a couple of contacts (in London), but I'm afraid that none can offer accommodation. I'd suggest doing searches online (Find A Vet on the RCVS website is good!) and asking people at the placements you've already done. Can the people at the city farm get you in contact with their vet, for example?

Good luck!
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I agree with LTC. I also am not sure the "day" of lambing is going to count for much; I would recommend trying for 1-2 weeks if possible.

As an example, the requirements set by the Royal College of Vet Surgeons for work experience ON FARM for vets on entering their clinical years is:
-2 weeks horses
-2 weeks cattle (min. 1 week UK dairy I believe)
-2 weeks lambing (min. 1 week UK lambing I believe)
-1 week pig
-1 week poultry
-1 week Cat and dog kennels (if not doing both together, then min. 1 week EACH)
-1 week small mammals (eg. rabbits)
-2 weeks free choice

This is not including your clinical work experience (at different vets). As LTC said, if you can get in with a large animal vet as well that would be great.

Cat/dog kennel experience is also key. Cats and dogs are the bread and butter of small animal practice, which in turn tends to be bigger than large animal/other industries. The course is often taught using the dog as the 'example', except for specific cattle/horse/exotic/whatever units. It is also more common to find it would seem kennels placements than placements for large animals, in and out of the city. So I am not sure there would be "any excuse" for not finding/having kennels experience (unless the small animal practice also functions as a boarding facility or something).

Best of luck!

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