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Can't support Man Utd anymore...plaguing my mind like mad!

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Get a grip, some of you are acting like spoiled brats in here. A small period like this (well not nearly as bad tbh) was always expected after a manager leaves a club having been in charge for 27 years.

There's a reason why United fans are associated with being glory hunters, though I have an immense amount of respect for the match going fans. The support at Old Trafford has been incredible this season given the circumstances. As much as I hate the club, I can't help admire that. You'd never see anything like that at Chelsea or City. Well, you're more likely to see Jose and his team booed off at half time if they're losing 1-0 to PSG in the home leg :lol:.
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What a glory hunter
Glory hunters , these days...

But since it's Man united , we understand.
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United fans proving to be an utterly classless bunch once again.
Nvm this staying MUFC too many good memories...
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Ive been a United fan for 55 years. Being a fan, a supporter, is being there when your team is crap. Thats when they need you most. Thats why,, when the good times come, it tastes so much better to know u were there when. Were ****. Last season was a great turnaround after the previous 9. The last 2 before Ten Hagg were awful. Some of the worst games ive ever seen united play. Was so depressed but would. Not stop watching. I found this. Youtube. Channel Flying Pig United. After a match id go and watch his commentray and he saved my life. Watch his highlights. Some of the funniest statements and reactions you will ever hear .try it. Let me know how you go

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