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Mr. Tizzy XII
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Hi guys, looking for your opinion on Scooby's Workshop, and this home routine in particular

Background: I'm 22, 5,11", 67kg - physically fit (Regular Football, Muay Thai and Running), and i'm looking to try and gain some muscle. I've never done weights before, am looking to start and would prefer a home workout (I know you can't really beat a gym membership but it is inconvenient for me, and i'd greatly appreciate advice in a home workout context).

I would like to know your opinions on this workout in terms of potential mass/strength gains so I don't waste my time getting nowhere at all (Scooby seems like a great guy but i'm not knowledgable enough to know how good his plans really are).

At the moment I have a pullup bar, 2 dumbbells, access to an EZ Curl barbell with a fair range of weights and a machine like this at a small gym in my accommodation (unsure of the name and it only has a pulldown bar and side arm grips):

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Do you reckon the above routine is a good place to start (with decent nutrition), or would my time be better spent differently with the equipment I have?

Any advice is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

Edit: Also, a side question - I've done this workout for about a week and while I try and use a weight so that i'm exhausted within 6-12 reps (x3), I don't seem to get much DOMS (though I do feel some slight soreness fo a day or two) - should I be pushing harder?
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Join a proper gym ! You can only progress so far with one of those multigym things.

All id say is get one of the 4 main lifts (SQUAT,DEAD,BENCH,OVERHEAD PRESS) in each workout and then add other exercises around them. Lift heavy and eat lots. And be consistant.

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