Switching from the pill to nexplanon implant

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hi, so im 16 and ive just switched from the pill (Cilest brand) to nexplanon implant. ive had the implant in for 5 days now, with no side effects for now. i know that irregular bleeding and mood swings are common but when i was on the pill, i have one month of spotting and depression then i was fine, so do you think that ill be the same with the implant? has anyone else gone from the pill to implant?
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Don't want to worry you and bear in mind everone reacts differently but I switched from Cilest to Nexplanon...and it hasn't been fun. The first two weeks was perfect. My skin was great, no period. No mood swings....then is spiralled downhill badly.

I became the most depressed i've ever been (and I'm not a depressing person). I started hating my boyfriend, overthought EVERYTHING in our relationship. Became paranoid, easily hurt...it was bad. Then my period started and after 2 weeks of not stopping I put myself on microgynum (sp?) 3ed? The dr gave it to me as a backup before I left the UK. That controlled my period for two months and now i'm spotting again. Mood swings have improved but my sex drive has all but evaporated. Refuse to come off implant at the moment as I'm forgetful with the pill and simply can't get pregnant right now.

Pros- skin is best its ever been. Almost impossible to get pregnant.

Cons- serious mood swings, depression, spotting. Have to take pill ontop which defeats point slightly.

Everyone is different. But the majority of people I know get pretty agro on it. Have you considered thd coil? If you are susceptible to down days consider the non-hormone one. Im going for that when I return home. Copper coil, google it.
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