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I've just chosen my options and i'm wondering if anyone else is doing GCSE History like me. If you've already done it or are currently doing it, let me know how it goes!
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I did GCSE History last year (i now study it at A-Level)

it was really interesting, some schools do different topics but at my school we did:

Medicine Through Time (Year 10)
Mining - Coursework (Year 11)
Nazi Germany (Year 11)

They were all really interesting - I ended up coming out with a high end B overall (Y10 - C & Y11 Mining - A, Nazi Germany A*)

One piece of advice i would give you which i wish i had back in Y10 is to start revising STRAIGHT away. If i had done this in Y10 i would have got a better grade and gotten an A overall

Timelines are one of the best ways, I made one up (Y11) and stuck it around my bedroom and by end of Y11 i remembered the all the dates also make sure you learn all glossary terms by using revision cards as these become vital especially as sometimes exam questions can be worded fairly oddly. Finally use mind-maps fork the more complex topics which have a great deal of depth to them..

oh yeah! lots of colour helps too

Good Luck hope you enjoy it work hard and it will be fine, i think i was putting in about 10 hrs a week?

P.s. If you are thinking of History for A-Level it is great

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