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Hi all, I am working through a Tenancy Agreement at the moment, I have pasted the last section of it below. This type of text is very new to me so I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions on it/parts of it ... it's still very much a skeleton at the moment and needs work, I am aware that there are some inconsistencies in my use of vocab, I am still deciding on which terms to use!

Thanks in advance

1.1 Deposit. The tenant is required to pay a deposit of £ 300. The deposit will be held as security by the landlord against non-payment of rent by the tenant and for any damage caused to the property by the tenant. The deposit will be returned to the tenant within 14 days from the end of the tenancy less any deductions for sums properly incurred by the landlord under the tenancy.

1.2 Breach. If the landlord or tenant is in material breach of any terms or conditions of the tenancy either party is entitled to terminate the tenancy immediately or take the appropriate legal action in respect of the material breach.

1.3 Rent increases. The landlord is entitled to increase the rent on the anniversary of this agreement and each anniversary thereafter except that the landlord shall not be entitled to increase the rent during the first year of the tenancy. At least two months’ written notice of any rent increase will be given by the landlord. The tenant will be entitled, on receipt of such a notice, to terminate the tenancy as provided for in Section 5 of this agreement, before the increase takes effect.

2.1 Landlord’s Responsibilities and Rights
2.1.1 Commencement of tenancy. The landlord ensures that at the beginning of the tenancy, the property is fit to be lived in.
2.1.2 Repairs during tenancy. During the course of the tenancy, the landlord will carry out repairs or other work necessary to make the accommodation fit to be lived in. The landlord or his agent will take care of the tenant’s property when carrying out such repairs.


1.1 Depósito: El inquilino está obligado a pagar un depósito de £300. El depósito se llevará a cabo en garantía por el propietario contra la falta de pago del alquiler por parte del inquilino y para cualquier daño causado a la propiedad por parte del inquilino. La suma de la fianza deberá devolver al arrendatario en el plazo de 14 días a contar desde el final del arrendamiento menos las deducciones por sumas debidamente incurridos por el arrendador en virtud de arrendamiento.

1.2 Brecha: Si el propietario o el inquilino están en incumplimiento sustancial de los términos o condiciones del arrendamiento, cualquiera de las partes tiene derecho a terminar el arrendamiento de inmediato o tomar las acciones legales pertinentes en el respeto del incumplimiento sustancial.



2.1 Responsabilidades y Derechos del arrendador

2.1.1 Inicio de arrendamiento. El propietario asegura que al principio del arrendamiento, la propiedad es apta para ser vivido en.
2.1.2 Las reparaciones durante inquilinato. Durante el curso del arrendamiento, el propietario realizará la reparación u otro trabajo necesario de hacer el alojamiento apto para ser vivido en. El propietario o su agente tendrán cuidado de la propiedad del arrendatario realizando tal reparaciones.
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