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Hi - I have received all my offers in from my five choices. My preferred two choices are Dundee Uni and Dundee Abertay Uni.

Abertay is the only Uni in Scotland that offers the degree at Honours level (4 years) whereas Dundee is the BSc 3 year course.

I love Dundee as a city - Abertay is a smaller course size than Dundee (35 places at Abertay and I think 50/55 at Dundee).

Love the sound of both courses and my conditions for Abertay are higher than Dundee so theoretically suppose I should put Dundee as my insurance choice but just looked at the league tables for nursing and Dundee scores much higher than Abertay (although I realise league tables aren't the be all and end all). Also wondered what the advantage is to doing the extra year at Honours level (as I also would not get the full bursary funding for that final year).

Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated as I keep changing my mind and the Abertay applicant day takes places after I have to firm my choices via UCAS. Many thanks in advance for any help. I am also going to post this in the Abertay thread so I can hopefully hear from applicants at both Uni’s :>)

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