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I'm in a bit of a mental flump, if you will. And by flump I mean: exhausted, demotivated, miserable, emotional and frustrated. There are so many things stressing me out and upsetting me. I'm usually pretty good at dealing with stress, I figure out what's bothering me, analyze it and move on.

I'm just going to have a whine here.
1) I'm doing the leaver's book. I wanted to make something personal, well polished, a project to be proud of and I asked a few people to help at the beginning. These helpers have taken charge and been helpful, but have also all ganged up against any and every idea I've had. One of the most irritating things is that (let's call her R) R was all moody after someone changed a page layout she spent a while on, proclaimed we should check with eachother before doing that and then did that same thing to one of the pages I had worked on.

2) There are too many cocks at my school. Everyone is friends with a girl that was my friend in year 11, who at the beginning of year 12 decided she was done talking to me. Thusly, I don't like this girl, thusly people dislike me.

3) I miss my American friends. I feel lonely.

4) Just A-levels. I am so stressed out because I don't know what to focus on, I can't even focus I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself.

5) I'm ill.

Summary: I feel unimportant and insignificant. I don't get what I'm doing to make so many people aggressive towards me. I don't feel like a victim, but I don't get what I'm doing. I just wish someone could come up to me and talk to my face instead of to my back.

Feel free to post pictures of kittens: fluffy, happy kittens.

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