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I initially apologise as I realise that multiple threads concerning Masters and Postgraduate applications already exist - I post however so that I might add specific questions derived from my situation.

I am a first year norwegian Modern Languages student at the french university Paris Sorbonne and will in about two years apply for both Modern Languages and Linguistics ( with ML being my first choice ) at the university of Oxford and therefore plan to use this time as a period of preparation - however to this day I am uncertain as to what might be considered admission criteria and some other bits of information ( so essentially what I mean to ask is how should I prepare myself )

First of all I would like to note that I in the future plan on being a translator for the European Commission thus my competences which are mostly linguistic as I at this point am a fluent speaker of seven languages :

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, French, Polish and English ( with mastery of these languages being confirmed through appropriate language level certificates except for Swedish and Danish ) As well as being to a reasonable extent familiar with the respective cultures of countries where these languages are spoken.

I have currently begun to devise a plan for my preparations for the university of Oxford being that this year go to Germany to actually obtain my C1 certificate and further deepen of it's culture ) and I plan on going to Russia next year for four months to master Russian ( if it were to turn out that I did not have enough time to become truly fluent I would then spend spend half a year in Russia through a university exchange program ) after which the last step would be to in my third year of university intern in the European Commission in a linguistically requiring position.

I do however realise that Oxford Modern Languages is also a course that quite heavily builds itself upon literature - part of my reason for posting this thread is that I would like to try to get oriented just how much, as while it is no Achilles'heel it is a scholar field in which I am weaker than in linguistics and therefore do not know if what knowledge and interests I hold are sufficent/appropriate and if I should further develop or change them.

My literary interests initially began with an online course posted by Harvard university called Justice and it concerned subjects of law, morality and the philosophies of authors such as Jeremy Bentham ( utilitarianism, Karl Marx ( marxism..hah! bet no one guessed that one ), Aristotle ( teleology ), Immanuel Kant etc. that analysed their thoughts and ideologies applied and reflected upon using today's real world situations.

I've come to find these subjects quite fascinating, they've even turned into a something of a passion for me, as they offer perspectives on the shaping and construction of the morality of mankind and it's psychology ( which is also a rather extensive interest that I've been researching for years now also with Yale university online courses ) constructed, therefore I subsequently went on my own on to further research these authors and would find it to be a great pleasure if I might ever get to write a dissertation on morality and philisophy ( this would also derive from several writings of Rene Descartes, Nietzsche, Voltaire and perhaps Kiergegaard and Dostojevski, some of these authors don't actually interest me that much but I would consider them, if only for how different languages allow me to add and use them with broader more culturally understanding perspectives ).

Yet another question ( albeit common ) is grades - how much would you believe that Oxford university will take them into consideration? I can quite easily achieve a grade average of more than 2:1 ( 14/20 in the french system amounting to 70% ) - I could also choose to make it higher but this would considerably take away from time that I like to spend on my own scholar passions, being languages and courses on psychology, culture, economy, strategy, statistics and philisophy ( most offered online by Yale/Harvard ) to do nothing but raise grades on subjects that do not interest me/I don't care about - therefore do you believe that by noting these interests ( even though they are not neccesarily something that is linked to Modern Languages ) the university of Oxford would approve my choice of personal interests over grades?

Also - university prestige, should I believe that it matters and that it might increase my chances of being admitted? My current university ranked number one in France and usually likes to hang around 13 in the world for Modern Languages.

And for my last question, which might be a bit silly but after having taken a look at Oxford graduate admission statistics for the last year and to be honest I'm not quite sure if I understand them.


Medieval and Modern Languages :

Apps : 52 ( this obviously means how many people applied
Offers : 47
Accept : 23 ( so from what I understand 23 out of the 47 people that got offers accepted them I'm sure they applied to other things as well so the 24 that didn't accept them surely most have gone on to something else ..just asking to make sure I understand how these statistics work )


Medieval and Modern Languages:

Apps: 263
Offers: 119
Accept: 77

Now I'm pretty sure I understand the difference between research and taught but ..just to make sure it simply means that the research applications are for students already past their MSt program who wished to further their studies and thus went on to apply for research and taught is the MSt.

Anyway with that out of my system I would also like to note down that even if Modern Languages were to be incompatible with my career choice, my reason for wanting to go to the university of Oxford is not at all connected with future employment as I already have certainty that I will be able to go on and work where I desire after undergraduate studies - Oxford however is to me, as it is to many - a dream that I have long had and desired to achieve simply for my own passion, development as an intellectual being and because it is what I want to do with my life and to reach this goal I would be willing to write and do ANYTHING ( like literally I am prepared to go wherever I need to go or lock myself in a room with books and unending work or eat leaves used by monks to reduce sex drive and be celibate and stay away from girlfriends in order to increase productivity so I really mean anything ) - therefore I thank you very much for your time and consideration and appreciate all advice and ideas.

I wish you all a good day.

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