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So my period is due in 4 days, but I need it to come today as I'm going on holiday in 3 days and I really don't want my peirod.

I've had normal pms symtoms, spots, very very mild cramps (not normal), sore breasts (not usual for me) and a bloated tummy which seems to have gone down. :confused:

I have some norethisterone tablets which I got a few months ago and never used, but I'm afraid of using them because I've heard the side effects after are horrendous e.g. very bad cramps. I already normally get bad cramps and I'd rather not have anymore.

I've also tried inducing my period, parsley and ginger tea, green tea, hot baths, hot food, sit up's but nothing has arrived yet

What would you do and what was your experience with this tablet?
And If my period is due tomorrow, will it still come if I start the Norethisterone today?

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I took it when I went on holiday a few years ago and I cant recall having any side effects (apart from my cycle being a little irregular the month after), of course every woman is different so some might experience side effects. I was told by my GP to take it 3 days before my due date which I did and my period didn't come on until a few days after I stopped taking the tablets. Again this might vary between women.

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