Why do I only really want the people I can't really have? Watch

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So recently I've been chatting to this lovely guy, I like him and we're going on a date soon. He's really nice and def. the type you can see a relationship will progress with, which is what I want, something long-term.

But at the weekend I met a different guy and my like (lust I guess) has massively overtaken that of the first guy... we got on SO well and there was a definite spark and thing between us, and this guy likes me too, but has made it kinda clear he only wants something casual. Plus, I'm going back to uni soon and neither of us is free to see each other properly before then so it's more than likely going to fizzle out.

This exact situation has happened before, a few times. I've met nice guys and then guys who only want sex, and I always get really attached to the ones who don't want relationships I wish I could make myself stop!! What can I do?! Why am I like this - why do I only want the ones I can't have long term?
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Do you want us to psycho analyse you?

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