The Great Kidney Mystery (chronic pain).. Its a long one.

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I am currently waiting for an ultrasound to see what's wrong with my kidney. Ive been getting awful pain with it and im constantly tired and going really hot and only feel comfortable laying down.. And im just way too tired to move.

At first it was put down to infection but the first set of antibiotics i had an allergic reaction to. Second set hardly touched the pain. Also had to take specimen samples. They said that i have aload of red blood cells round my kidney. Could this be inflammation or bleeding?

To cut this long story short we are thinking its kidney stones. So if it is what can i expect treatment wise if it is? Or what other things could it be?

How did you cope with it? Cos painkillers don't even touch the pain.

And finally how long would it take to be back on my feet. Had to ring doctor for a sick note to go on ESA while im waited to be treated and they said it may take up to a year till i have fully recovered. Probably due to waiting for ultrasound to operation and then of course recovery.

Any help, advice, experiences would be so fantastic and will be greatly appreciated. Just want someone to relate to.

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Have you figured out what's wrong? I'm having the same problem . Hope all is well!

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