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I've only got a short time left to send my complaint, so please reply soon peoples, thank you

I'm taking my old university to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA). It relates to different issues, but I won't post all the details on here as I don't want them to get wind of it and have a chance to make things up, but essentially it comes down to a false accusation of using unfair means, a penalty that would be too high if I had used unfair means (which I didn't), discrimination, and the extremely low quality of the university. It will probably not surprise many of you that I'm referring to the University of Bolton.

So I was wondering what the experiences of others, with regards to the OIA, have been?

Additionally, I'd like to try to get my action against them in the local news. What angle would make a good story?

Due to the strength of my complaint, if OIA is fair then it's highly unlikely that I would have to seek a judicial review of an OIA decision, but if the decision is not in my favour then I'm willing to go that far too (as I have earned my PGDE fair and square and I'm not giving up). Would that help with a news story?

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