Gotten ill a month before exams!

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Help, what am I going to do! I can't get out of bed, if I do try and get out I feel so dizzy and so sick I have to get back in, I can't concentrate Im so tired and my head is pounding constantly so I can't do any revision even though I've been trying to get 10+ hours sleep! Im taking lots of paracetamol and medicine and strepsils. Naps are making me even more tired and I can barely eat because food feels like shards of glass in my throat. I really want to revise because its 4 weeks to exams but i can't and I'm really stressed out because its getting so late but i just can't do revision because i can't concentrate on it, what do i do?! Will this ruin my chance of getting good grades!! Its the easter holidays now and I just can't lie in bed all day but i have to! Sorry this was so long and rambly..
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I was so ill during my whole GCSE exam term. I felt awful too. It could be glandular fever!
Go to the doctors as soon as possible. Hopefully it'll be easily sorted, but in case it was something slightly more serious, they would give you a diagnosis, and this can be explained in advance to the exam board, who can (in exceptional circumstances) make exceptions. Just eat your chicken soup and look after yourself.
Also, it may sound silly, but try not to sleep too much! Sleep 8 hours a day, and have an alarm in the morning to wake you up after that duration. Too much sleep can make you much more tired and more ill. (I have chronic fatigue syndrome, trust me!)
It won't ruin your chances! Do as much revision as you can in the times during the day where you're feelign "most" awake and do your best. I got 4 A*s and 5 As in the end! Which was okayy, I would have done better had I not been ill, but it's still good! Good luck

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