I need a B in AQA Law units 1-4 - is this a good study plan?

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  • Create mind maps for each unit/sub-unit
  • transfer key cases/questions to my flashcard app
  • attempt as many past papers as i can by reading the question, using my resources to think of the best way to approach the question then write the answer in timed conditions

I've never done Law before and need a B so i don't know if this is the most efficient use of my time- what do you guys think is the most efficient way to get better grades in law? (i have a lot of other exams so time efficiency is vital for me).
Thanks in advance!
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Hi there,

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Whilst the mind-map idea might work in Units 1 and 2, both units in A2 Law are HUGE. You will never, ever be able to fit even the most important, condensed information into a mind-map.

In Unit 3 there is a "Part C" question where you must assess all of the Law you have learnt for that Unit, and then suggest critical reforms. On top of the Law and cases you have to learnt for the first three questions of the exam, this Unit is very big.
In Unit 4 there is an even bigger last question where you have to give a critical analysis on one of four "Concepts of Law" topics:

- Law and Morals
- Judicial Creativity
- Fault
- Balancing Conflicting Interests
- Law and Justice

You'll have to pick at least three of these topics to revise, as the exam will ask you about three of the five. This way, if you choose to revise Law and Morals, Judicial Creativity and Fault for example, and then Balancing Conflicting Interests, Law and Justice and Fault come up, you'll have Fault to answer.

I'd suggest that you type up all of your notes and arrange them in some colour-related order. For example, I typed up all of my cases in bold red which helped me remember where things were on each page; kind of like a photographic memory.

Good luck.

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