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Hi!who is an official aqa gcse english lit poetry examiner?
please can you mark my english lit poetry response and give me feedback!

Can you please mark my english lit aqa poetry analysis!It is half completed.
Q-05 Compare the ways poets show how conflict and war affect feelings about a place in „At the Border,1979‟ (page 39) and in one other poem from Conflict.

The title 'At the border, 1979' is as though it is referring to a place that is between two very alternating regions or a border could mean to 'capture' because on a page there's a page border that encapsulates the writing to go no further out of the page border thus restricting freedom to take its course.In the same way a country border holds the potential to not let anyone go out of it so it fixates people in that particular country,causing an indecision making tone to the poem.
'1979' could indicate a year that someone was at the border or consequently it could be a code of a terrorist bomb at this certain border.Terrorists always link to doing harm so I think that they are trying to create ridges in this particular country in the way that tectonic plates move and earthquakes disrupt everything in its way and they don't stop when you shout or be foul to them.Similar in Belfast confetti the tittle also demonstrates Belfast(in at the border 1979 the border could have Belfast on one side) a place to be blown with colourful fragments,therefore this creates a cheerful image but at the same time this is quit imaginatively sinister as many people would be killed in a bomb blast because confetti can be the ashes and black smog of the burned area that has seethed around Belfast nearly trying to intoxicate the land,so this makes the reader think bizarrely of how one little nuclear bond can scar the land and make it feel lonesome and disgraced and that humans are so vulnerable by little dare devil bombs which make the atmosphere of Belfast deep in the core of misery.Confetti could be the remains of things that are blasted in the time bomb or it could mean 'new arrivals' for example,when new couples are married mixture of confetti petals are thrown on them and this creates a welcoming tone.
In 'at the border 1979' the poem starts off with 'it is your last check in point in this country'.It is as though someone is remarking that they will be extinct from their country ,in the same way mammoths cleared out when they moved out of their land,as though they are forcing themselves to go away,whilst making a decision,therefore this extinction will lead to no improvements for the land due to the fact that there would be no next generation so at this point no improvements could be put back into their country so the country will be in Great Depression.
'Check-in point' is a place that holds restrictions and make decisions whether or not people have been given the opportunity to be freed.The check-in point seems friendly,since the poet uses an exclamation mark by the end of the sentence(!) as an exclamation mark can be an expression for being sarcastic and jolly or maybe laughing out loud because when someone laughs they laugh loud and hysterically,thus causing a stress on the exclamation mark to act seldom and strong.On the other hand this exclamation mark seems like a warning sign you see besides train tracks,therefore prohibiting tress passes to stand on it and this makes the reader feel anxious yet on the edge of the seat as people can be so daring that they risk their life because their land is discriminating them and the letter 'k' kicks the reader to say 'check-in point' in a rather sharp and rocky way that picks up the intense feeling of being harsh not soft or tender hearted.
The term 'last' paints a portrait in the reader 's mind that there would be people dying before they pass through the border and the poet uses this word to make their death fear much less as the term 'last' is one syllable that is said swiftly so the people waiting at the border will overcome the truth of dying.This is frantically similar when Hitler had sly fully made all the Jews check-in before they got closed into the gas chambers to die,so it might be that people innocently think they are going to live in another country but they are just going to get sacrificed by mass murder.
Mass murder makes the border seem selfless with emptiness as how can a place not speak when so any fragile people will die and here the poet uses a long sentence to make the reader feel pitiful for the victims.The border is greedy in a sense that it wants to eat people's bodies and remove traces of this event taking place and this creates a grotesque image that is rotten and ugly and this makes the reader sick to their stomachs(yuck).
In the same way in Belfast confetti a fast moving persona is used 'right squad'and 'raining exclamation marks' are used.
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please mark this question on OMAM and give me feedback on how to improve.....

How does Steinbeck present the character of curley?

In the passage Steinbeck gives the description of curley who is a “young man”. This links to the stereotype of naivety as he is young he is likely to be inexperienced in his job. The extract also describes curley as “like the boss he wore high heeled boots” which may have made him seem taller than he was. Steinbeck conveys to the readers that curley is trying to impersonate his father and sees his father as a role model as you would often replicate your role model. This suggests curley wants to be accepted by his father by dressing like him he wants his father’s attention which in the past he may not have got. Steinbeck has used imagery of the boss wearing the same boots as curley suggesting they may have same or similar personalities which is disliked and hated by the ranch workers as they can come across as bitter.

Steinbeck in the extract also mentions that curly “glared coldly at the new men” who we know are George and lennie. This suggests Curley’s personality is “cold” as he is bitter and judgemental as without even talking and knowing the men he instantly made it look like to the readers that he was judging them as he glared. The word glared suggests he closely watched the men showing the readers his judgemental personality. Steinbeck is foreshadowing Curley to be an obstacle in George and Lennie’s American dream as their first impressions were not positive. His judgemental character portrayed by Steinbeck shows the reader that Curley has a high social class and therefore higher in heiraracy as he has the authority and power to judge upon other characters in the novella.

The “closed fists” also emphasises that Curley has a problem with the new men and it again foreshadows he would be an obstacle in their American dream. This suggests Curley is an aggressive character who is deliberately picking and foreshadowing a fight which he would later be involved with along with lennie, in order to gain respect and authority in the eyes of the ranch workers. We as the audience know that slim is respected by the ranch workers following his description as the prince of the ranch. Steinbeck shows that even though curley has status inherited by his father he does not have the respect showing us that respect is earned not inherited as slim does not have a higher status but he has respect showing us Curleys attempt of being better however it slim who is highly respected.

However in the text we as readers learn that curley is not always the person he portrays to be as in the extract we can see curley is affected by Lennie’s who is tall and stronger build in comparison to him. This suggests he tries to come across as strong, powerful and calm however in reality he feels threatened by tall people due to his small height. Therefore he feels the need to “step gingerly close to him”. This suggests he is trying to assert his authority at once and tries to prove himself this shows his insecurity and doubtfulness as he is aware that lennie is taller therefore he comes across as frightened and nervous inside as he stays in a calm tone which at first he was angry and closing his fist. This proves he is trying to be someone he isn’t.

Steinbeck uses imagery of “lashed his body” and “stared at him” which are dark insensitive tone which suggests curly may be a character to cause problem in George and Lennie’s American dream and once again foreshadows the further events in the novella.

Steinbeck has presented curly as a character you would instantly hate however to some extent the readers symphysis with curly as he is living under his father’s shadow this is evident when he wears the same boots just like his father showing his father has control over him. At the time of the period of mice and men social hierarchy and status was seen as very important as this meant you had more power over others. However in Curley’s case he has status but does not have power and respect that comes with your social hierarchy as his inherited status is not valued by the other ranch workers.

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