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I'm an international student and will be studying international relations this fall. Right now I'm really struggling to choose between Sussex and Essex. I've visited both of the universities, and I loved Colchester campus and it seems that the student life on campus is really good.
I didn't find Colchester city so amazing as Brighton. I didn't get so much information about the student life at Sussex. Does anyone know how the student life is at Sussex ( Are societies and clubs active?) How's the nightlife at Sussex compared to Essex?

I really like the IR course at Sussex, it seems to me that IR at Essex is more about politics (?). Are there anyone studying IR at Essex that could tell me something about it?

As I am an international student, I don't know much about the universities reputations, could anyone tell me something about that? It would be very helpful.

Is Sussex a better schools since they require higher entry standards?
I think it's so hard to coose one of them as I find both of the universities very good :-D

I think it's more expensive to live in Sussex though, the accommodations and school fee is more at Sussex than Essex.

I know this is a lot of questions but it would be very helpful if anyone could help a little?

- Confused international student

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