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Outline the differences between reproductive and non-reproductive cloning.
I don't know what this means, can anyone explain please?

Describe the production of natural clones
Does this mean things like taking cuttings and grafting?

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First of all, do you have a textbook? Sounds remarkably similar to the OCR specification and the text book is good for both.

Both methods of cloning involve transferring a nucleus from a body cell into an enucleated egg cell (one that has had its haploid nucleus removed).

The cell is stimulated to divide via an electric shock and an embryo is grown on a petri dish or in a test tube.

For reproductive cloning - the production of a whole genetically identical organism - the embryo is implanted into a surrogate mother of that species.

For non-reproductive, a stem cell is taken from the embryo and stimulated to differentiate into a certain tissue such as a liver that is genetically identical to that of the original organism. This can be implanted into another organism. The rest of the embryo is sometimes destroyed and this is often seen as unethical.

In terms of natural cloning, OCR require knowledge of the British Elm Tree and it's root suckers. When the tree is stressed, these suckers begin to grow several metres from the original tree to avoid whatever the problem is with the original tree. They're clones however so may be vulnerable to the same disease as the original.

Hope this went some way to answering your question.

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