Why is it difficult for girls to understand if they were raped or not Watch

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(Original post by joker12345)
Sorry - typo in my post. Meant to say that the girl is really drunk and the guy is drunk but less so. Or the other way round, for that matter. Did the less drunk one rape the more drunk one?
Only if the girl couldnt consent. By which I mean he/she was not aware of what was happening in any reasonable sense. But drunken consent is still consent after all.

People make decisions they regret when they are drunk, but they are decisions nonetheless.

However the way the narrative has gone, many girls who make stupid decisions know they will find a sympathetic ear if they cry rape, rather than facing up to what they chose to do.

This is not to say that many women are not simply raped whilst drunk, but you need to see the difference between a guy bundling a girl who cant stand up into a taxi(clearly rape) and a girl jumping on some fella at last orders, being aware of what she was doing, but regretting it in the morning.

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