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I have/had been seeing this amazing girl for about 6 weeks and everything was going great. We were taking things slow because we both just came out of long term relationships... now...

After saying how much she liked me and invited me to Spain with her blah blah... she messages me today saying she doesnt think its a good idea to see me anymore because she doesn't want to get attached to me when we both have exams coming up and will both be travelling for 2/3 months... then I graduate and start work... saying we are setting up for disaster.

However, she still wants to stay in contact and said that "she would be 100% up for making things work after Summer and travelling about an hour to see me from her Uni, if the feelings were still there"

I like this girl a lot but I mean am I missing something here? The text seems so out of the blue. Should I live in hope about things happening or just give up?
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Just see what happens tbh.

Only you can make the decision. If she is up to making things work, it's basically down to you to reciprocate the same thing.

LDRs work for some, LDR's don't work for some. You never fully know until you try, but if you feel that it's not for you then may as well say it doesn't work. No point making her stay in limbo.

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