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I take AS biology, sociology, geography and english lit. Pretty sure I'll be fine in all the other three as got AAC in them in the mocks we had in january but completely failed biology and got an E.

I'm trying to revise biology now, (edexcel), and am completely lost on unit 2, unit 1 is fine but I just feel like I'm going to completely bomb biology as I literally don't understand anything in unit 2. I'm beginning to give up, even though biology's the one subject I need to do my chosen course at uni.

Any tips or motivation? thanks
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I take Biology but am doing the Edexcel SNAB exam board. Here's some tips to ensure you maintain those grades in your other subjects.

- Go through the specification thoroughly. Each specification point is not that long as they break it up in little parts but understanding each part as you go along is vital.
- Write short notes summarising what you have read in the textbook.
- Try to memorise all these notes. You can do this by writing yourself cue cards or writing it out a couple of times. Once you have understood the concepts recalling them should be straight forward.
- Do past papers, in exam conditions.
- Mark the past paper and try to understand where you have went wrong.
- After a couple of days, do the same past paper to ensure you have learnt from your mistakes.

Biology is a subject that has a lot of content so I advise you to look back on your notes regularly. It is very difficult to maintain focus when doing do. It is also very difficult to be motivated to revise for it as I struggle with this a lot. I would suggest you just try your absolute best as it will pay off.


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