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difference between transgender and Paraphilic infantilism (big baby syndrome)? Watch

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    Firstly let me say she is a beauty damn!!

    Okay i found this nice thought provoking debate on a TED video i thought i should bring it here for further opinions and debate.

    question raised on the comments section by whactya2

    "A forty year old male thought he was nine. He swore he was a nine year old in the body of a forty year old. So the law decided to classify him as a juvenile. He enrolled in elementary school. Hopefully, some family will adopt this child.

    When does mind become responsible for adapting to reality?"

    Myself being open minded when it comes to matters of freedom of identity, found it a fair comparison. letting aside any presumption that an adult fantasising on being an adolescent has nothing to do with paedophilia, What's the difference between granting an adult a child's identity and a man a woman's identity or vise versa?

    (Original post by 360kal)
    In a very cursory way:

    Gender is socially constructed, there's no reason it cannot be fluid. By looking at history and other cultures, we observe third genders and gender fluidity/choice. Binary gender that is assigned at birth is a cultural thing.

    Age, on the other hand, is an objective marker of the number of years someone has been alive. The law recognizes that juveniles have less mental capacity/experience and so holds them (generally) less accountable for their actions/expects less of them.

    There's a difference between a delusional belief not founded in reality, and wanting to live your life as a different gender, when gender doesn't pick out anything objective.

    Also, 'paraphilic infantalism' generally refers to a sexual fetish... So what you're describing doesn't really sound like that.

    'Infantalism' or 'psychosexual infantalism' [if you want to use Freudian terminology, which I really wouldn't do] would be more appropriate for what you're describing.
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