Feeling like I'm gonna fail my AS AQA Sociology unit 1 & 2 and AS Business unit 1 & 2

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I got the AS business book by phillip allan both unit 1 & 2. I know the book off by heart ok. I also got a sociology aqa endorsed book and I'm doing families & households, education & research methods. I know that off by heart too.

But does anyone else have this problem: when you do mocks or exam papers, you know all the content BUT you just cant answer it how they want? Like you give a different answer to what they want even tho its right? Sorry my spelling and stuff is so bad, I hate typing on my phone lol!

I got pretty good GCSE grades, A* in business and I didn't do sociology at GCSE. I got a few As and mostly Bs. How do I change? I want to get Bs in sociology + business AS!

please leave any advice, tips, how you battled this, how I can improve exam technique.

Thanks xxx

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