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    Hi TSR - I thought I'd tap out my thoughts here.

    My Dad passed away on October after fighting pancreatic cancer, I was there when he passed and had to more or less organise everything. Plus I'd just started Uni, I had to make sure that me and my Mum were fine. Now, months after this I feel terrible as if it's just happened recently, feeling extremely down and as if I'm in a bubble. I chat with people but it doesn't mean anything. Things are grey and I just can't seem to enjoy anything. I work, revise, go back home and then come back to uni every week. I have so little motivation to do anything and I just feel so alone, even though I know my friends are there for me; I've always been the rock in people's lives, I've never been the emotional friend. I just don't know what to do.

    I have massive troubles chatting about how I feel to people, whereas I can type it out, sounds ridiculous I know. I'm stuck in a rut, where do I start?

    Okay so I'm in year 2 at university and I think I've attended 35% of this year
    and less last year and currently failing.
    I have severe depression and anxiety after an event which happened 6 years ago
    I know exactly how you feel.
    So sorry for your loss Btw, truely heartbreaking.
    So recently I've decided I can't take anymore of this, things need to change.
    So I told my doctor... first thing to do or an advisor at university.
    I know it sounds daft but if you can't speak to them, email your university tutor. Mine is amazing and extremely helpful.
    As for the doctor, I know friends who struggle with the same who go to their appointments with a letter written to the doctor so they can read it etc. It's about building their trust.
    They will probs put you on meds, get you to engage in some therapy.
    Which IS extremely useful and its one person... so the first time you go and the first time I went it was utterly horrible but it gets easier once you've took that first step.
    Maybe you should write a list of things you enjoy or things you'd like to do or things you'd like to aim for.
    Plus seeing friends is important!
    Theres also this thing called project buddy where you get paired up with someone similar online and you can talk to each other about things!
    It's extremely helpful
    I hope this helps!
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