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I missed a few years in Primary so I'm missing some of the basics in some subjects. Watch

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    I attended Primary school in Cyprus and was a Greek primary school as I only learnt their Language, and learnt English by speaking at home and have missed year 3 till 5 because I was busy being naughty haha so I got sent to behavior school, I moved to the UK when I was around 10 I think went to Year 6 then struggled a little, now picked up on Maths, I could say so but doing foundation, but don't know things such as my time tables, definitions of some words, e.g ''Decimals'' if you know what I mean?

    But I speak Fluent English, Greek, and currently doing my GCSES in Year 10, I have got my Maths exam coming up in June and don't want to fail, what's the best advice? Also with Science, I only started learning it around year 8 because with Year 7 I didn't real get used to secondary school.

    Plus my current Science teachers are difficult to learn from, I know A lot of people who would agree with me on that!

    Hiya, yup i know how you feel my science teacher was the worst that silly old cow. anyways the best advice i could give you is to revise by yourself and honestly cut out those people in your life who are bringing you down education wise, trust me i learnt that the hard way. Make friends with smart people in your class or school so they could help you on your work and what you struggle most in. Don't feel embarrassed because you don't know the time tables or the definitions of some words go to your maths teacher and ask them for help its their job to help students like you and by the end of the day the only person that would matter will be you no one else. When i got my results on results day i was devastated honest to god it was one of the worst days of my life and i'd hate for that to happen to you because you sound like you really wanna do well and i seriously wish you the best of luck my friend.

    Tbh, I think many people lack in basic knowledge of their subjects.

    For instance, in English I achieved a reasonable grade yet can't really define what a "noun" "adverb" "pronoun" etc is...

    Lots of A level Maths students also say that they still use their fingers to count!

    Don't worry OP, just focus on past papers for now.

    Just do lots of exam papers and look over the mark schemes, however, sometimes if you don't want to do a whole paper, you can just attempt questions in your weaker areas. You said you're fluent speaking in English so I'll assume you're a good listener too, so maybe you could watch youtube videos in the areas you're struggling in? They can help and you're most likely to remember it. Another thing you could do if you're really worried is going to an after school club or even talk to your teacher for additional support. Best of luck.
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