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    Does anyone get the impression that Nigel Evans is lashing out and attempting to intimidate colleagues in the aftermath of his acquittal?

    I have a lot of track with what he's said so far:

    About the police, he's right, they were grossly over zealous. All too often innocent members of the public find this out for themselves. On the CPS, again he's right. The prosecution was weak. The CPS really do need reform and oversight. Judges should feel more confident about throwing cases out of court. On legal aid, I do have some sympathy with what he's said. The one way street of anonymity, is unfair.

    But in my opinion he seems to be firing warning shots across the bows to party and parliamentary colleagues to henceforth stay out of his business, since some of those people could have the appearance of having "shopped him" to the police and CPS. What we got in his trial was a not guilty verdict on all counts. Of course, that doesn't mean he is innocent, it means the jury couldn't accept beyond reasonable doubt the charges were true. I'm not questioning his innocence, personally, I think it appears that he had no criminal case to answer and on the basis of the evidence, a conviction would have been unsafe.

    However, in that trial, there was an exposition of his private life. A private life that I found deeply worrying and not what I think would be expected as a senior parliamentarian. Evans is 56. I do not think it is right that a man of 56 should be having casual sex with many young men, more than 30 years younger than him. He holds public office, if refraining from that type of activity is too much to bear, he is free to resign at any time. The young men in question, worryingly they seemed to either be junior parliamentary staff or junior party officials. Again Evans held a powerful and senior role within both Parliament and the Conservative Party. I don't think it's right that anyone in public life (or private life for that matter), should be having sexual relations with those in a much junior position to them, it puts into question the meritocracy of the organisation and raises question over exploitation. Did these young men expect favours and privileges as a result of their relations with Evans?

    Immediately after the trial the Conservative Party issued new guidance to MPs and party officials detailing what was expected of the relationship between them and Westminster "staffers". I'm worried that Evans thinks that everything can be swept under the carpet and everything can go back to the way it was, it cannot and should not.

    I don`t think there`s anything wrong with him having casual sex with younger men. Provided it`s all consensual and there`s no children or animals involved then I really don`t see what business it is of anyones. I don`t see why he shouldn`t just because he holds public office - are heterosexual married men somehow morally superior? If anything, he`s a textbook example of why dipping your pen in the company ink is never a good career move.
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